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Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1117 09 November 2013

The Parliamentary Inquiry Commission on public construction works, created on the request of the majority PAICV in the National Assembly, concluded its hearings with six of the ministers of infrastructures who have served in Cape Verde since the advent of multi-party democracy in 1991. Teófilo Figueiredo, Armindo Ferreira and António Fernandes (who served under the MpD-led governments of 1991 to 2001) and Manuel Inocêncio Sousa, José Maria Veiga and Sara Lopes (who have held the post in the successive PAICV-led governments since 2001) were all heard by the commission, according to the main article in this week’s printed edition of A Semana.

Highlights of A Semana printed edition nº 1117

In an exclusive interview in this week’s edition of A Semana, Marino Andrade confirms that he has advised Minister of Finances and Planning Cristina Duarte that he will step down from the Directorate General of Customs in December. Some customs workers believe Duarte’s warning about taxes being unduly charged to fuel companies may have been the direct motive behind his decision to quit, but Andrade claims he requested to leave because he is not willing to manage the discontent that was created among customs workers with the implementation of the new cargo, career and salary plan for the sector.

In politics, today’s printed edition of A Semana reports that sour winds appear to blowing within the PAICV’s parliamentary group, where some legislators have gone so far as to affirm that “strange forces” are trying to prevent Felisberto Vieira from affirming himself as the new parliamentary group leader. Under the headline “Filú: the new leader haunted by his predecessor,” A Semana writes that the last straw took place with the National Assembly delegation representing Cape Verde in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) Parliamentary Assembly, which for some reason exchanged the space reserved for the new PAICV parliamentary leader, Vieira, with his predecessor, José Manuel Andrade.

This week’s feature interview is with António Duarte, the president of the National Statistics Institute (INE), which has played an important role in producing the data the country needs to outline and assess its public policies. On the eve of African Statistics Day, November 18, Duarte speaks of the challenges Cape Verdean statistics will have to overcome, while he clarifies the formula used to calculate the employment/unemployment rate and announces new projects, in a trip into the future that includes many other issues characterizing the work done by the INE.

“Unfinished construction projects blemish Santa Maria’s image” is the title of a report that shows that, behind this ex-libris of Cape Verde’s tourism sector, there are houses, resorts and hotels that have been left half-built as a result of the international financial crisis. The unfinished works are veritable white elephants that end up being occupied by homeless individuals. The Sal municipal chamber acknowledges the problem, but claims there is little or nothing it can do to combat the phenomenon.

“Changes in Finance Ministry departments to take place through official selection process” and “Praia sea port prohibits simultaneous maneuvers after collision involving oil tanker Cipreia and passenger ship Sal Rei” are among the other headlines on the front page of this week’s printed edition of A Semana.

Singer Ceuzany speaks to cultural supplement Kriolidadi about the new phase in her career now that she has decided to go solo.

Sports supplement Lance writes that Albino Lopes has contested the delay in the elections at the Sal Regional Soccer Association, saying that the previous directorship’s mandate expired last year. General Assembly president Carlos Brito, however, has announced that elections for the new directorship are scheduled for November 16.

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