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“I have defended the interests of São Vicente,” says João Gomes 16 May 2012

João Gomes says that he believes he has “defended the higher interests of São Vicente” over the course of the four years in which he led the municipal assembly. The assessment was made Tuesday, May 15, during the closing of the final ordinary session of the outgoing municipal assembly, which was elected in 2008.

“I have defended the interests of São Vicente,” says João Gomes

“I come to the end of my term with the flag I unfurled at all of the rallies during the election campaign for the 2008 municipal elections and which was present in every decision I made while carrying out my responsibilities in this institution: the defense of the higher interests of São Vicente,” he affirmed.

“I have always honored my pledge to fulfill the law before this assembly. I preferred the firm and sure option of faithfully interpreting the wishes of the people of São Vicente in the exercise of my mandate,” continued Gomes, in whose view the president of the municipal assembly should not “subjugate himself to the interests of those whose actions he is responsible for checking.”

Even so, João Gomes believes that his posture has left some members of the municipal assembly dissatisfied.

“I have been misunderstood by some, who were probably motivated by unconfessed interests. I refused approaches that I considered obscene and which would certainly have prevented me from looking everyone in the eye today,” said João Gomes, who also called upon central and local authorities to “dialog about strategies for the island of Sáo Vicente.”

UCID and PAICV give negative evaluation of Augusto Neves’ administration

The members of the municipal assembly representing the PAICV and the UCID gave a failing grade to the administration of mayor Augusto Neves during the final ordinary session of the municipal assembly, which was used to analyze the municipal chamber’s management and activities accounts.

Despite having entered into a “governance stability accord” with Neves’ MpD with regards to the administration of the São Vicente municipal chamber, the UCID contested Neves’ posture. In the opinion of João Luís, there have been “unilateral decisions on the part of the mayor and a lack of dialogue with the UCID.”

The PAICV’s leader in the municipal assembly, Baltazar Ramos, believes that the term of the São Vicente mayor failed to meet expectations, given that he carried out only 67% of his stated objectives.

Augusto Neves, however, believes he has fulfilled his duty. “We have the feeling that we have fulfilled our duty. We made a great deal of efforts during our term and many things were achieved. Our assessment is positive because, even in these difficult times, we achieved 67% of what we set out to. This means that the municipal chamber and municipal assembly really did work for the good of the population of São Vicente,” he concluded.

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